7 reasons to create a mobile app

In our modern society, the digital environment is ever changing. By establishing a wide presence across all marketing channels rather than just a few, you can engage with a larger number of potential customers.

One of these channels in our mobile-first society is mobile apps. These are considered an extremely powerful resource, particularly from a targeting point of view. Most adults carry their mobile phone everyday, therefore it raises the questions, how could your marketing strategy be more targeted towards this? Creating a mobile app for your business is an innovative way to capture your audience for a number of reasons. These are:

Increased sales.

This platform will directly impact your sales and in turn, profits. Depending on your existing audience this can be a relativity instant gain. With additional promotions and discounts, you can convert a relatively passive audience to a buying audience through your apps download.

One way this can be done is through push notifications that are geo-targeted so when a potential customer comes in to a close proximity with your business they will receive a notification. In addition to this, if your mobile app is built to allow the taking of payments directly through it, this efficiency is likely to increase sales.

Building your audience.

This technology allows you to build a relationship with your potential customers and develop your relationship with existing customers, regardless of their geographic location. This is because your app is already on their device.

When a user downloads your mobile app, you gain their personal information. This information is very valuable, therefore it can be useful to offer a discount or freebie for each download as you will be gaining more in return anyway and this encourages the download.

By having a mobile app that is consistent with your website, you will yield double the dividends. Whilst finding your website through a search engine is a good enough way to encourage a sale, a mobile app allows a much more targeted approach.

Building an additional marketing channel.

This new innovative resource is often used primarily to promote brand awareness and visibility of marketing campaigns. This way your potential audience is being expanded as you build trust between brand and customer.

By launching a business app, firstly you are giving yourself a platform for advertising in addition to other benefits. On such a platform you will be able to share news and announcements. This is extremely useful in addition to receiving direct feedback from its users.

Optimising your business process.

By creating a dedicated mobile business app, you will be able to streamline internal operations as well. Employees can interact with other team members depending on the app’s functionality. This helps manage internal systems such as transferring data.

Your business’s mobile app doesn’t have to be customer facing at all. It wouldn’t be uncommon for companies to build an app solely for internal use, as it provides opportunity for a constant string of dialogue between employees.

Grow your customer loyalty.

Making a customer’s journey as easy as possible is the way to increase brand loyalty. If a customer is able to book a table or pay using their mobile they are more likely to use your company as opposed to competitors because of your easy transaction.

Furthermore, there is every opportunity to integrate loyalty programs within the app itself giving potential customers another reason to download your app and make a sale. This is a useful tool which offers exclusive promotions and discounts. The push notification feature of most apps makes this even more efficient.

Customer loyalty is further increased as company information is easily accessible. In turn, the more this is accessessed and in a customer’s awareness the more loyalty will be received.

Analytics insights and information.

By having a mobile business app as part of your digital marketing strategy, you can collect further data and understand more about your customer demographics and journey. For example, how long is spent engaging with the app’s content or which products a customer is most likely to buy through the app opposed to online.

By gaining these insights and understanding how people shop and use this service you can further improve it allowing a smoother user experience for subsequent customers. Building this relationship with your customer is crucial in the success of your business. By gaining as much data as possible, whether it’s geographical, demographic or informational, your business will be able to make better informed decisions.

Advantages over your competitors.

Some companies don’t even make the most of their websites, nevermind diving into a business app, and others do have a mobile app but don’t use it efficiently. Therefore, having a well built, effective mobile app is still an upcoming opportunity.

If you harness this and manage this marketing tool efficiently, your brand will be strengthened in doing so. The market for any industry today is fierce therefore it’s important businesses harness each and every opportunity they can to promote their brand to potential customers.

Things you should consider when thinking about a mobile app.

Some niches in the market will be better suited to this opportunity than others. The industries that can benefit most from a mobile app include: tourism and leisure; medical; car rental and repair; entertainment; hospitality; beauty and healthcare; delivery services and fitness and exercise.

If you own a business in any of these market sectors, all the advantages listed on this page are up for grabs. In addition to all these great benefits, even if your industry is not listed above, a mobile app for internal use could be just as useful in streamlining your business operations.

So, is a mobile app right for your business?

There are many benefits a mobile app can provide for your business. Even though this marketing platform isn’t right for some businesses it is absolutely applicable to most. We hope the reasons to create a mobile app highlighted in this article will help you understand if this opportunity is suitable for you.

The key aspect to remember is your product must be a solution to a customer’s problems. Bear this in mind when planning a list of functionalities for your mobile business app. Your business should be striving for development and create a technology first space in order to increase efficiency. Developing a mobile app can help you on your way to achieving this.