Mobile Apps for Start-Ups

Harness the power of mobile to reach your target audience. Optimize daily business operations or unlock new revenue streams. Whatever your startup goal, we have the solution to help you reach it.

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App Development

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App Development Focused On Startups

We understand a startups need for flexibility. That’s why we always help our clients to get their app to launch as quickly as possible. When you’re starting we can help by offering skills and experience to get your digital application up & running.

How do I start a mobile app business?

1) Thoroughly research your market.
2) Define your elevator pitch and target audience.
3) Choose between native, hybrid and web app.
4) Know your monetization options.
5) Build your marketing strategy and pre-launch buzz.
6) Plan for app store optimization.
7) Know your resources.
8) Ensure security measures.

How do mobile applications work?

The word “app” is an abbreviation for “application.” It’s a piece of software that can run through a web browser or offline on your computer, and on a smartphone phone, tablet or other electronic devices, including smart TVs and smartwatches.

What are mobile applications examples?

Native apps include Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Hybrid apps are designed for platforms including Xamarin, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch, React Native, Iconic and others. On the other hand, web-based apps are responsive versions of websites designed in order to work on any mobile device.

What is the benefit of an app?

Apps reduce costs of SMS messages and paper newsletters. They simplify communications by securely, instantly and directly messaging customers. Apps reduce staff workload by information requests and phone calls.

Best Services to Get Your App Running

We are here to provide you with the best services you require to take your app from an idea to a launched product. We will work on the UX/UI design from either your own branding or a unique custom design. Add functionality with streamlined code. Bench & usability test the app & finally run through a marketing drive to launch your new app.

Adapt To Changing Requirements

We know that business plans change and we can adjust to your vision and requirements quickly and efficiently to deliver the app you need. Throughout the development process we will quickly implement any updates and amendments whilst moving towards the desired launch date to deliver your product to your consumers.

We Are Focused On Quality

Our team of expert developers love innovative design and code, regardless of the  programming language. From our discussions we’ll help you make the right technology choice to ensure a lasting quality application. Offering your customers ease of use your product and providing them with an enjoyable experience is our primary focus.

Get The Best ROI

Mobile Business Apps is helping startups & SMEs with a range of app development services. Our experience in handling clients from different business sectors let us implement the latest technologies to give you the best ROI.

Mobile App Development

Our process by which a mobile application is developed for portable devices, such as tablets, PDA’s, EDA’s or mobile phones.

Roadmap & Strategy

Starting with a detailed discussion around your needs, we create an immersive UX/UI design and code the app with fluid functionality, fully test and launch your application and finalise with a successful marketing drive.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Your mobile app needs to be functional, simple, quick and a benefit to your customers. We can provide the solution you are looking for to cover all these requirements and more. Contact us today to see how we can help you.