Mobile App Pros & Cons 

Is it worth you business investing in a Mobile Application? Here we break down the  pros and cons of having your own Mobile App.

Do you have a Mobile App idea?

Whether you’ve got an initial idea but don’t know how to take it forward or you’re fully planned out and ready to go, we have the development team to bring your app to life. Our expertise in coding and design means we can provide applications and software solutions that are admired by your business sector peers.

What is mobile app development?

Mobile app development is the process by which a mobile application is developed for portable devices, such as tablets, PDA’s, EDA’s or mobile phones.

What is the future of mobile app development?

Mobile Apps are projected to have a big impact on business success as mobile-only users will see steady growth over the next few years.

How many mobile app are developed daily?

The stats show the average number of new Android app releases through the Google Play Store are 6,140 mobile apps every day

Why is usability important in mobile app development?

Usability is a major part of mobile app development and ensures user experiences that are efficient, easy to use, and enjoyable.

When would you need to develop a mobile app for your business?

Seeing more and more companies investing in mobile apps raises the question of whether your business should be too?

It would be useful to understand the functionality that an app can provide in addition to a website and traditional marketing. Will this increase customer loyalty and increase your sales? Here we dive into the pros and cons of a mobile business app for an SME.


Increase the visibility of your business and brand awareness.
When you directly communicate with customers, you will invest in customer loyalty. As your business grows your visibility to customers could be 24/7 considering our worlds mobile-first approach. Your potential customers spend several hours per day on their phones so your advertising could be at the forefront of this.

Your overall brand awareness will be increased also due to push notifications from the app, keeping the customer engaged. Your name, brand and logo will also be persistent across a potential customer’s smartphone device.


Direct channel for sales and communication
This marketing tool allows you to reach potential customers in a demographic that couldn’t be reached through other means. This audience can be made aware of promotions and offers on current services, in turn increasing your sales.

Additionally to sales, a mobile business app can serve other purposes, such as a direct channel for your customer to contact you. This makes your customer’s journey significantly easier as everything is in one place.

Accessibility of customers and functionality
Through having a mobile app, your business has instant accessibility to a much wider sector of customers as virtually everyone has a mobile device. This allows you to be visible and provide support 24/7 relatively cheaply.

Also, the app will be more adapted for use than other platforms, such as websites or other marketing channels. These may be outdated on older smartphone hardware, but your mobile app will always be up to date and effective.

Customer data and insights.
Information about your customers, including their preferences and behaviours can be used to improve customer experience. Effectively, you are using the information about your current customers to attract new customers.

Competitive advantage.
Due to the small number of businesses who have adopted this trend, there is opportunity to stand out from the rest of the market. By developing and promoting a mobile app before your competitors, your customers are more likely to remain loyal.


Despite being a mobile app development agency we do appreciate that the cons of a mobile app can outway the pros for some businesses. However, this applies to a minority of companies. We have written an honest list of potential drawbacks when thinking about developing a mobile app.Take your business to the next level through our functional and scalable software solutions for smartphones and tablets.

The costs of development.
It goes without saying that it is costly to develop this sort of technology due to it’s recency. However, it is important to evaluate the initial costs against your expected ROI to determine whether this is suitable for your business specifically.

Finding a developer that you trust.
Most businesses will not have the in-house resource to begin designing and building a mobile app. Therefore, it’s likely your business will have to partner with experts at a development agency. This relationship is crucial for the success of your app.

App marketing strategy.
You will need to set aside an allocated amount of budget in order to market your new platform, and while a marketing tool could be sufficient, it is important to remember people will not just simply ‘download it’. The customer journey will have to be streamlined in order to ensure consistent downloads.

The pros and cons depend on the needs of your business

Typically, it is a big brand that benefits the most from developing a mobile app due to their existing customer loyalty and brand awareness, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Granted, as an SME it will be more difficult to tackle mobile app development on top of your existing marketing plans and strategies But, with expert knowledge this venture absolutely can be advantageous to your business.

There are many advantages of having a mobile business app such as increasing brand visibility and the ability of direct sales. When you dig into the functionalities you would require you can understand whether the ROI would outweigh the start up cost (which it typically does, in our experience), therefore determining whether this marketing channel is right for your business.

Mobile Business Apps Can Provide the Solution You Need

Whatever your application idea is, our team will work closely with you to deliver a software solution that both meets your company objectives and keeps within the budget and timeframe.

Roadmap & Strategy

Starting with a detailed discussion around your needs, we create an immersive UX/UI design and code the app with fluid functionality, fully test and launch your application and finalise with a successful marketing drive.

mobile app development

Our process by which a mobile application is developed for portable devices, such as tablets, PDA’s, EDA’s or mobile phones.

GEO Targeting

Geotargeting is a strategy where your app uses use privacy-compliant data to create advertising or content for a specific audience based on their location.

Push Technology

Push technology allows messages to be sent directly to customers mobile devices that have downloaded their app, even if the app is closed.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Your mobile app needs to be functional, simple, quick and a benefit to your customers. We can provide the solution you are looking for to cover all these requirements and more. Contact us today to see how we can help you.